" Your Grace has found me just as I am ~ empty handed but alive in

Your Hands....."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The eagle called Harry Potter....

At the National Botanical Gardens close to our home, there has been a breeding pair of Verreaux (Black) Eagles now for a couple of years. Each year they breed and succesfully raise a chick.
During the time since the chick hatches and eventually leaves the nest, I frequently visit the gardens, as I'm sure by now, everyone knows just how much I love to watch the eagles soar.....
This week was no exception: and they didn't disappoint. They did magnificent fly-overs, once so close over my head, where I was standing on the ridge above the nest, that I felt like just reaching out and would be able to touch them.
I have watched them now on various occasions when either the female will take back new, green vegetation to the nest. On two occasions the male had picked up this seemingly heavy dead branch and would fly towards the nest with it.
I managed to take these photos of him this week, "flying on his broom stick" and he reminded me of Harry Potter (not that I am a fan of Harry Potter at all! )