" Your Grace has found me just as I am ~ empty handed but alive in

Your Hands....."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a Rough March...

March was not that kind to me, health-wise.
The trip I did end of February mentioned in the previous posting, had me injuring a muscle, being out of action for a few days.
Then, as just possible with Murphy's Law, my camera broke, and is currently in for repairs. Horrible being without a camera, even if just for a short while.
Two weeks ago I had to go for an operation on my right hand. With not being able to use it , and being right-handed had me very frustrated. Amazing how we take our bodies and health for granted, until something like this, even so small a operation, but so frustrating how many things I am unable to do now.

I did however, managed to add another lifer on my birding list in the form of a lone Collared Pratincole, that showed up at Kgomo-Kgomo.
It showed its rufous underwing very nicely in a few fly - overs it did for us, which is the characteristic identifying field difference between the Black-winged and Collared Pratincoles. The Black-winged pratincole has a all black underwing.

Off course I did not get any photo .... :-)

Here are some photos of the Black - winged Pratincoles I took during March on the Devon routes, Mpumalanga.
Interestingly, some of them were moulting into breeding plumage - which we normally do not see them in, in South Africa.

And these few in-flight shows the black underwing

I have been asked to join a touring group to Central and Southern Mozambique in June, with Ian Sinclair. I will sadly not be able to go. Work :-(
I trust there will be another opportunity within the near future.