" Your Grace has found me just as I am ~ empty handed but alive in

Your Hands....."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sometimes in life, things happens to us and to those we love, that we do not understand the purpose of. We meet people, allow them into our lifes, just to later keep on wondering what the purpose of this person in your life is.....
Since my youngest son passed away six years ago, I have learned even more, that all these things happens for a reason. And frustratingly enough, we never fully understand the reasons for the happenings, while it happens, but only later.
And yet, everytime it is then just a confirmation again of what I believe.
Yet, I remain human...and sometimes life and all it's pain just weighs very heavy on my spirit. And always in situations like this, I rush to the National Botanical Gardens below my home, to lie on my back on the lawn at the waterfall and watch the majestic cliffs and Black Eagles souring.....
It then feels as if my spirit soars with them ..."on eagles wings".....and the Father renews my spirit.
Yesterday being one of those days... I rushed there through pouring rain. The waterfall was even more spectacular than usually, due to the heavy rains.
And although on this occasion the eagles were not to be seen, I met one of the people you always wonder why they were sent into your life....
And then I was just again reminded: I am sent into others life, because of the purpose and calling on my life....and many times I will not even know the impact I had on that person or why I was sent into their lifes....yet they know or needed it.
And the same with people coming into my life.
Therefor, I am so grateful for the people that has been sent into my life in the last couple of months,like Mary, Denise and Yvette, even though they are unaware of the impact they had on my life.

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