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Your Hands....."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the wink of an eye.....life changes.

Sunday morning my husband and I went for an early-morning walk in a nearby park, mainly in search of a specific raptor. It was a beautiful morning with bright blue clear skies. The walk was invigorating. We didn't manage to find the bird, but still it was an awesome walk.
But during the course of the day, the weather suddenly changed, and we had a rain storm. The heavens were suddenly furious and dark. The wind was howling. It changed so suddenly. This was the case for the following two days: cool rainy weather with dark and cloudy skies. Only to change suddenly into a bright blue and clear sunny day. Amazing how suddenly it changes......
Life is the same, isn't it? The one moment your loved ones are with you, the next moment they are gone, taken away for ever. Suddenly and in many cases, unexpectedly.
We experienced that again on Sunday evening, while the skies had change into darkness, rumbling with thunder and lightning and opening the heavens.
A friend of us had been diagnosed with cancer in late December. And while everyone were still trying to cope with this and to digest this huge shock, she went in for surgery after surgery. Life changed. And suddenly seemed very short.
But sometimes life is even shorter than what we anticipate it to be. Too short....sadly.
She passed away on Sunday evening, amidst the sudden storm. Suddenly.

Now what I'm trying to get across is that life is so precious. But it is also so short. Too short to waste. Too short to be angry and upset, or to be fighting with loved ones. Or to walk away from friends. Over really insignificant things!
We live in very difficult and trying times. Now is not the time to fight.
Now is the time to stand together. To embrace one-another. To build on current relationships. To reconnect and rebuild loose friendship ties and bonds. We NEED each other, even though at this present moment we might not realise it.
How can one reject friendship? Or say you don't need it? Especially if it's coming from the heart and from a person who'll be your friend through every situation you may encounter in life. And trust me: the encounters will come, and increasingly so.
Why do we fight with our husbands over the little things? Why do we complain and reprimand our children over sometimes the most insignificant of things?
I always try and ask myself the question: would this have been worth it, if tomorrow never comes?
Why do we waste our time on these things? Especially the times we have now? Should we not rather focuss on emphasizing the positive and rather overlook the negative?
Let us not have to be in a situation where we have to repeatedly apologise to someone....I have always believed: if you hurt someone you love and who loves you, and find yourself having to frequently say: "I am sorry, please forgive me" (even though it is necessary when you were wrong) Everytime you say I'm sorry to someone who loves you, you chipp away a piece of the love they carry in their hearts for you. And soon there might be nothing left....
So rather make the most of every moment, with your husband and kids, your family and colleagues and also your friends....Sometimes especially with your friends, as they are the ones who share your hobbies and passions. But they are also the ones standing right by your side when heartache and pain comes, being there for you, be it by day or night....the ones who stand by you when your family hurts too or are too involved in the pain too.
Let us not overlook the importance of those special friends.
Let us not waste time on petty 'happenings'
Let us live each day to the full, filled to the brim, and overflowing with happiness and love and memories.
Let us say: "I love you and appreciate you" and " I need you" more than we say " I am sorry, please forgive me..."
Life is so very short! And it can change - SUDDENLY.

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