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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The last part of a wonderful trip...

Onseepkans to Noordheuwel.....
The following morning we travelled on a road that has been the high-light for me. It had the most beautiful scenery. Travelling from Onseepkans to Kakamas to Keimoes is a beautiful stretch of road. Halfway through the lock of the boot broke and couldn’t close. As a car was approaching far ahead in a dust cloud, they were having major negotiations about whom was to charm this guy into helping us.
I wasn’t planning on charming anyone.... (my husband was by now phoning frequently saying how much he misses me....AND becoming grumpy ) so by the time he stopped, I had the boot closed and tied enough to make it to Upington , with shoe laces and what ever else :-D
In Upington they quickly fixed the lock and we headed to Augrabies National Park. We drove straight to Echo Corner, found a suitable – looking spot and just as ‘Tourguide” was about to drive off, I spotted not one but TWO Cinnamon-breasted Warblers :-D Finally. What a stunning little bird, that sure enough makes one work very hard to find him.

After visiting the falls and enjoying lunch we were off on the last stretch of our journey towards Dandyslaagte in Griekwastad. My friend’s family owns Dandyslaagte and the guesthouse and game farm, Wildebeest. – a must visit in Griekwastad.
We were treated with a lovely meal and some wine and great company. We were shown around and my creative side was tingling with all the new ideas I got there, but eventually I slipped away into a quiet remote corner of the farm for some much needed alone-time.

I mentioned to a special friend some time ago, the reasons why I’d rather bird alone or with this friend, than with a couple of females..... and by now, much as I am fond of her...... I was missing my irritable friend terribly.

The next morning I was handed the keys to the OLD farm bakkie and only the two of us headed for the bush.....I know now what the Voortrekkers experienced on their “ossewa’s ( oxwagens)” :-D BUT it was great fun. It was soon too hot for birding, but we enjoyed the beautiful veld just as much.
Recent sightings on Dandyslaagte: Lark-like buntings, Kimberley Pipit, Starks and Sclater’s Lark, Secretary birds, Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Acacia Pied Barbet, Northern Black Korhaan, burchell’s Courser and Burchell’s Sandgrouse.

After yet another lovely evening, with a braai and a disappointing final to the Curry Cup :-P we went to bed early. We completed our journey on Sunday evening when they dropped me off at home where my husband couldn’t leave me alone for even a few minutes....

The trip ended 62 lifers later, but came Monday morning – life and work happened again – so by now I am willing to pack up and head off into the , now not unknown anymore – but to a part of our country that has taken a special part in my heart...........and to which I cannot wait to return to.

PS I also added Arctic Tern on the Pelagic but forgot to mention it in the report

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